Here at IMPACT…We are friends Interview Khun Mark Chatchanan from FA Asset, the protector of IMPACT Asset!


Hello, Friday from IMPACT INSIGHT! We’re back again with the column “Here at IMPACT…We are friends”, this Friday’s story highlights the FA Asset team. We are sure that everyone recognizes Khun Mark, our activity enthusiast. We’re about to get to know him better in just a second!  

Please introduce yourself and tell us your responsibilities

Hello, My name is Chatchanan Kondee, aka Mark, I’m the supervisor at FA Asset. I have worked with IMPACT for 13 years and a month. My responsibilities involve managing the company’s assets, from small stuff to building, planning for staff in the team such as checking assets, consulting, managing assets registration and damaged assets, and coordinating with related departments. We have 13 members on staff including a manager.

Our FA Asset team manage assets of IMPACT Exhibition Management and IMPACT Growth REIT in the following categories:   

  • Kitchen category, such as frying pan, stove, tray and chef’s cooking equipment.
  • The event category includes cable wire, electric wire, electronic equipment, plates, spoons, folks, and relevant event supplies.
  • Office category, such as desks, chairs, telephone, computer and all office equipment.
  • Building system category, such as fire suppression system, electrical system, lighting system, etc.

What is your work motto and how do you find happiness at work?

I always tell myself to focus on my responsibilities and not run away from the problems because we will eventually face them. I work happily by not limiting my work scope, being flexible, and having positive thinking. Don’t think you can’t do something? Give it a try first to challenge yourself.

Finally, IMPACT INSIGHT hopes that everyone has a better understanding of the FA Asset’s scope of work and gets to know Khun Mark more with the interview.

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