Let’s get to know the VRM and Transportation team, who always delivers impressive customer service with sweet smiles

When we think of sweet smiles and impressive customer service at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, we would like to give credit to the Visitor Relations Management and Transportation team, also known as  the VRM and Transportation team, who have been working so hard and serving the customers sincerely. IMPACT Insight would like to introduce you to their work and service. 

A pretty lady who is behind the perfect and superb customer service is Khun June Pheerapa Saenghongsa, Assistant Manager – Visitor Relations & Transportation Management. Currently, she is responsible for the team of 8 people including four VRM supervisors and four transportation officers who take care and give holistic service to the visitors of the events as follows.

How’s the VRM team’s preparation going on for the events in May? According to Khun June, what the team has prepared is “the procurement and selection of part-time workers”. She said that her team has selected all personnel by themself to get proper and efficient people for the events, especially THAIFEX – Anuga Asia 2022, which is the first international event in a long time. Therefore, the team has interviewed and selected people who are fluent in foreign languages to facilitate foreign visitors and create a good image for the organization, in which almost all of them are air hostesses.

  1. Information Center: providing information regarding IMPACT and events including direction signs and announcements 
  2. Business Center: meeting room reservations and document services
  3. First Aid: taking care of the general first aid in the IMPACT area
  4. Lost & Found: a center for lost and found items and persons who get separated from their groups
  5. Equipment lending services for customers that are free of charge such as wheelchairs, baby strollers, and shopping carts
  6. Luggage storage for business negotiations and exams
  7. Babysitting service for business negotiations
  8. Prayer room service for religious visitors
  9. Bus service around IMPACT buildings including providing public bus service from outside the area to facilitate visitors

We are amazed at the readiness and attention of the VRM and Transportation team as they have prepared all the necessary things to serve the customers. We are very impressed and would like to thank the VRM and Transportation team on behalf of all customers. 

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