IMPACT Appreciates Your Good Deed: IMPACT members volunteer to sing and entertain students in line for vaccine


From October 15-17, IMPACT served as a vaccination site for the “NontStudents” event where 68,000 students ages 12-18 received a vaccine. 

The Special Project Department, who was tasked to oversee the event, contacted Khun Mark Chatchanan from the FA Asset Department to perform singing and playing instruments to reduce the frustration students might experience after getting the vaccine.

Other IMPACT members including Khun Jet from the Procurement Department, Khun Oud from the Operation Department and Khun Atom, Khun March and Khun Game from the Human Resources Department pitched in.

Throughout the three-day event, these IMPACT members take turns to sing and perform to calm vaccinated students down.

IMPACT INSIGHT interviewed and asked volunteers about doing good things for the company, and they all said they were happy to help.

“I feel good that I can give happiness and help ease their stress and worries from vaccine-related news,” said Khun Jet.

Khun Game said that “My team including Khun Atom, Khun March, and I jumped in to join Khun Mark’s team. It was fun and entertaining.

Kudos to our colleagues for their good-heartedness. We, IMPACT, appreciate your good deed and would like to give a big applause to you.

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