Good work impress at IMPACT “Think Before Printing”, a project from the Sales and Marketing department to reduce the use of paper.


Today, IMPACT Insight is back with “Good work impress at IMPACT”. We would like to present a good project from the sales and marketing department to IMPACT members. What project will it be?  Is it able to save the cost of the organization as well as resources? Let’s see.

Please introduce how Think Before Printing project benefit the organization

Think Before Printing project is a project from the sales team that aims to reduce and control the papers used in the department by limiting paper based on assigned tasks which leads to cost saving in the organization including saving the natural resource, for example we use used papers to wrap present boxes instead of buying a new one.

The aim and guidelines of this project

The department aimed to reduce the paper usage by 5% from all the total amount of paper and it turned out that we could reduce paper use by 156,590 pieces or 313 reams of paper, which is 74%. The result is beyond our expectation. We started by planning to collect statistics of paper used in each month and calculate the paper usage for everyone in each quarter based on the tasks on the system. Each will have a spare of 50 pieces of paper per quarter.

What do you want to tell IMPACT members?

 We can be part of the organization and the world in reducing the use of natural resources which are currently decreasing. We should also educate people to see value in sustainable use of natural resources.

Without a question, this is one of a valuable and beneficial project that helps the organization save natural resources. Shout out for the good idea of the sales and marketing department! Stay tuned what project we will follow next week.

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