EP.1 Paperless Receipt: idea to save the world as well as reduce company’s expenses


Spearheaded by Human Resources department, “A New Day EP.3 Rethink & Reuse Project” welcomes creativity and ideas from staff members to improve corporate performance.

Kudos to “Thittaya,” who goes by “Pair” for her practical idea and participation in this project. She works as a multimedia & graphic design officer responsible for video production, filming, editing, and creating motion graphics in the corporate communications department. Now let’s hear more about this lovely lady. 

How did you join the project?

“This activity took place when I just started working here. I saw the announcement in my mailbox and on the bulletin board, which spiked my interest, and I jumped on it immediately. I had kept looking around trying to find things that people tended to overlook, and bingo!, I finally managed to turn in my paperless receipt project, said Pair.” 

How would your project impact the organization?

The theme for EP.3 is Rethink & Reuse. My idea spiked when I was looking at the actual receipt given to me by a cashier at the Portal building where I had lunch, and it seemed that this paper was whispering in my ear “Trust me, you don’t’ need me! Be grateful for nature” That was a wake-up call for me. 

How do you feel about being one of the winners?

I am both surprised and amped up that the committee were sold on my project since many employees participated in the project. To me, all ideas were awesome and could greatly benefit the company. 

Do you have anything to say for the IMPACT members?

If you have ideas, lay it all out. Don’t be introvert because your innovation may lead to a huge company’s success. Be proud of yourself for your contribution. 

Shout out to “Pair” We hope that her amazing story will inspire you more or less. 

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