Fight COVID-19 with Healthy Thai Food from Thonglor Thai Cuisine


With the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is very important for us to stay fit and one way to do that is to consume healthy food! Today, IMPACT Insight would like to recommend some healthy Thai food from Thonglor Thai Cuisine, which are the exquisite creations of the immensely talented Chef Thomas. Here are the 7 must-try menus;

1. Nam Phrik Kung Pao Sadao Nam Pla Whan: Sadao or Neem is an herb that’s rich in Anthocyanin and high in vitamin. Neem also helps with easing fevers, headaches and is usually eaten along with grilled prawns. 

2. Nam Phrik Ma Kam Sod: This menu is especially good for fighting off viruses as the vegetables are packed with powerful antioxidants that help boost your immune system.

3. Kaeng Som Lhai Bua: The ingredients for the sour curry consist of shallots and kaffir lime (bergamot) that help you sweat out the virus.

4. Yum Moo Yang Klaem Som-O: Som-O or pomelo is a citrus fruit. It has attributes that can fight the virus. While chili helps with the respiratory system.  

5. Pla Yang Bai Yor Sai Dok King: Ginger is a great herbal medicine that eases coughs and colds.

6. Pla Kra-Pong Tom Sumaree: The tom yum soup features different types of mushroom. It helps strengthen the immune system.

7. Pad Kra Pao Daeng Phrik Hang: Basil serves as an equilibrium to the body and gives strength to the body.

These seven heavenly dishes are certainly great options for healthy eating, courtesy of Thonglor Thai Cuisine!

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