IMPACT welcomes “Say Hi” on Channel 3 HD!


Come back again to the TV program Say Hi on Channel 3HD, with lovely host Khun Tik Kanyarat. She started the program with a tasting of delicious dishes from 2 restaurants– first, Ito-Kacho, where BBQ lovers go to enjoy authentic Japanese food. Later, she enjoyed some dishes from Thong Lor Thai Cuisine, which serves delicious contemporary local Thai traditional cuisine, with organic ingredients from local farmers. In addition, Khun Tik learned how to make a Thai dessert with Chef Vorapol, also known as Chef Thomas, the Head Chef of Thong Lor Thai Cuisine. Don’t miss “Say Hi,” airing on Friday, March 20, 2020, on Channel 3 HD.

INSIGHT captures the atmosphere behind the scenes. Check it out!

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