Weekly Stories


FM Department produced and installed UVC Handrail Sterilizer at escalator handrails to ensure everyone’s safety

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, visiting exhibitions and being in a large crowd are primary concerns for most people. To ensure the safety of all visitors and to protect them from COVID-19, the Facility Management & IT Department (FM) has developed UVC Handrail Sterilizer to disinfect escalator handrails. Today, IMPACT Insight will tell you in detail about this sterilizer.

IMPACT welcomes TCEB management team, TICA representatives, and professional convention organizers from North America, Europe, and Asia

Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau dubbed “TCEB” joins forces with Thailand Intensive and Convention Association “TICA” to spearhead “Familiarization Trip” bringing international PCOs from North America, Europe, and Asia to get familiar with Thailand’s readiness as well as capacity to host international conventions while solidifying business network.

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