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“An insight into the IT department: Having problems with your computer? The IT team can help you.” Part 1

If a computer is suddenly not working properly, it would be a gloomy day for office workers like us. We believe that everyone might have faced the problem of computers running slow or getting an error without a reason. Whenever it happens, the person we would think of is the “IT department” and we would call 5252 to ask for their help. Today IMPACT Insight is sharing an insight into their work.

TMVS and 2HY assessments ended smoothly

Thailand MICE Venue Standard: TMVS assessment and the evaluation of the 2HY (Hygiene & Hybrid) standard or hygiene management for venue and hybrid events for IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. ended well. The assessments were held for three days on 18-20 July 2022. All related departments were working so hard for the intense evaluation by auditors from Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB). They provided documents to auditors to assess the standards for buildings and areas around IMPACT.

The PR team visited Channel 3 TV station at Maleenont Tower and brought special menu items from Thonglor Thai Cuisine to film “Poo Ying Yok Kam Lang Jaew” show

On 19 July 2022, the PR team brought special menu items and visited Channel 3 TV station at Maleenont Tower to film “Poo Ying Yok Kam Lang Jaew ”, a variety show presenting diverse contents from eating, travel and shopping to health, beauty and family. The show’s hosts are three pretty ladies including Khun Patt Napapa Tantrakul, Khun Boom Supaporn Wongthuaithong, Khun Dao Apisara Nutayakul, and Khun Por Punyawee Sukkulworasate.

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