Weekly Stories


Let’s get to know the VRM and Transportation team, who always delivers impressive customer service with sweet smiles

When we think of sweet smiles and impressive customer service at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, we would like to give credit to the Visitor Relations Management and Transportation team, also known as the VRM and Transportation team, who have been working so hard and serving the customers sincerely. IMPACT Insight would like to introduce you to their work and service.

“IMPACT” warmly welcomes the 3rd batch of “Kla MICE” with Classroom activity to give hands-on experience and knowledge from seniors across different departments

Now in its 3rd year, the “Kla MICE” internship program is another good project from the Human Resources Department which aims to nurture a new generation of quality MICE workforce as well as create IMPACT’s brand awareness among the younger generation. The program was started on 18 April 2022. Let’s see what the 3rd batch of “Kla MICE” is learning.

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