Good work impresses IMPACT OP team volunteer to help F&B team prepare meal packs


The 3rd wave of covid-19 hits us harder than ever. It’s brutal and cruel. These unprecedented times call for unprecedented support, and we are no exception. Our big thanxs go to the operation team who volunteer to assist F&B team with meal preparation. 

Volunteer to prepare food boxes with F&B team

Through the generosity of the public and private organizations, each day our F&B make approximately 500-2,000 meal packs for medical workers, public health officers, and those who in desperate need of medical treatment. 

With a lot of orders taken, we prepare food twice a day, at 8 AM and at 1 PM, and drop off the food once it’s finished. You know that more help means less time, so the operations team send 15 crews to help the F&B team to box up the food.

Let’s hear their feelings

“Speaking of packing the food boxes, we are glad and willing to help. This role gives us a chance to learn something more than our regular work,” said operation crews.

Please give a huge round of applause for the Operation team who are dedicated to our partnership for success culture. 

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