IMPACT Lakefront promotes its uniqueness in services to impress customers

IMPACT Lakefront boasts IMPACT Speed Park, a world-class go-karting facility, and 4 local and international restaurants including Breeze Café and Bar, Uwajima, Isan Jim Joom, and Jackie Seafood, all with great feedback from visitors. The venue has been painted in purple to commemorate the Pantone colour of 2022 coupled with chefs’ special appetizers, entrees, and desserts, which are prettied up with purple colour, in addition to a new restaurant server’s navy and dark grey uniform and the arrival of a new manager, Khun Bussaba Srisethakul Lakefront Manager, who runs the entire LAKEFRONT area.   

Let’s cheer up the IMPACT Lakefront staff for the major change. IMPACT Insight captured photos to share with everyone.

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