IMPACT Catering by Thonglor Thai Cuisine provided outside catering service at the 42nd Motor show


For the past 10 years, IMPACT Catering has been a mainstay with the Bangkok International Motor show by providing outstanding food and beverage for the world’s leading automobile powerhouses. With our vast experience, we never cease to develop our services. For this year, Thonglor Thai Cuisine led by Chef Thomas, will be working their creations for BMW and Mini Cooper!

The Secret Recipe for Satisfaction

In order to deliver our best, we have to understand the concept and theme of the event. For BMW, this year’s theme will be “The Drop” which our team has to compile information regarding the brand, models of cars passed and present, and other aspects to indicate to the brand that we have a deep understanding of their products.

Understanding the Concept

Once we have studied the brand, we have to understand the point they are trying to communicate to the general public. We will not go into much details as you will have to wait and see, but as mentioned earlier that this year’s theme resonates with street food

So we would like to introduce our delicious menus such as Laab Tod, Homemade Thai Meat Balt & Tamarind Dip, and Steamed Rice Dumpling, Roasted Squid with Spicy Sauce and Grilled Banana and Young Coconut.

Last but not least, we have the concept and theme of the brand infused with a touch of Thonglor Thai Cuisine; this will no doubt create memorable experiences and utmost satisfaction for our clients.

The Coffee Academics Thailand at Bangkok International Motor Show

Now serving at Bangkok International Motor Show

The Coffee Academics is honored to be the exclusive caterer for Mercedes Benz at the 42nd Bangkok International Motor Show. Since this service is private and solely reserved for Mercedes Benz’s clients, we encourage you to visit our booth located inside Challenger 1 for specialty coffee and pastry.

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