IMPACT Members are invited to score discounts on delicious mooncakes from Hong Kong Fisherman, The Coffee Academics and Thonglor Thai cuisine


This year, the Mid-Autumn festival falls on September 21, IMPACT INSIGHT would like to offer employees special moon cake promotions from two of our top restaurants, Hong Kong Fisherman and The Coffee Academics.

Hong Kong Fisherman welcomes back the authentic Hong Kong-style moon cakes that have impressed and will impress pastry lovers once again this year, with legendary deliciousness that still sustains the authenticity of Hong Kong recipes.

The moon cakes come in 6 fillings and 9 versions for you to choose from including ‘Hong Kong Sweet Lotus Seed with Salted Egg’ and ‘Sweet Lotus Seed’, ‘Hong Kong Sweet Red Bean with Salted Egg’ and ‘Hong Kong Sweet Red Bean’, ‘Durian with Salted Egg’ and ‘Durian’, Custard, and ‘Green Tea.’

Receive a 10% discount instantly when you order 11-30 boxes and 15% discount with 31 boxes and more from now until September 21, 2021.

To place an order, please call 02-833-5434-5 between 09:00 AM -6:00 PM.

For more information and latest updates from the restaurant, please visit or Facebook fan page: Hong Kong Fisherman.

Moon cakes from The Coffee Academics

The Coffee Academics is also offering a 25% discount on mooncake sets for IMPACT Members, whether they want to enjoy the mooncakes by themselves or buy them as a souvenir for their loved ones. Our mooncakes have a soft, fragrant, and thin crust that come in a variety of delicious and rich fillings including Espresso, Chocolate, Choco Matcha, and Custard at the price of 75 baht per piece and 450 baht for a 6-piece box set.

You can place orders from August 23 until September 21 through LINE:@TCA-Velaa and delivery and shopping applications: GrabFood, LINE MAN, Robinhood, Foodpanda, Shopee, and Lazada. (Advance ordering recommended) 

Thonglor Thai cuisine

Welcome the Mid-Autumn festival is on the horizon. We all grew up eating mooncakes, and we know them too well, especially the traditional mooncakes with lotus seed, red bean, or egg yolk pastes. This year will be different. The pastry chef at Thonglor Thai cuisine takes mooncake to new heights with a modern twist.

Send these aesthetically and tastefully pleasing mooncakes that are made with top-quality ingredients and thoughtfully crafted by our pastry chefs to your families and friends during this holiday season.

6 pieces of different mooncake flavors in a beautiful gift box for 550 baht include: Green tea coconut chip, Golden mung bean, Black sesame golden thread, Taro ginkgo, Durian with jackfruit and Lotus seed paste mixed with golden drops

*Our mooncakes can last up to 2 weeks when kept refrigerated. Available from August 30 till September 21. Please allow 2 days in advance for your order to be made.                                                                                                                                                          

We offer drop off service via GRAB. Mileage (Frees applied and calculated based on mileage)

Open daily from 10.30 AM until 8.00 PM for take-out and delivery. For more information, latest updates and promotions, please visit and stay connected with the restaurant on Facebook, Instagram, and LINE: Thonglor Cuisine. Another new channel is also available for you to update on craftsmanship through Instagram: Sri.thonglor.

Moon cakes are such a small piece of joy but its delectable taste is sure to go beyond its size. Since this is a once-in-a-year opportunity, you guys should not miss on trying them out.

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