“IMPACT” warmly welcomes the 3rd batch of “Kla MICE” with Classroom activity to give hands-on experience and knowledge from seniors across different departments

Now in its 3rd year, the “Kla MICE” internship program is another good project from the Human Resources Department which aims to nurture a new generation of quality MICE workforce as well as create IMPACT’s brand awareness among the younger generation. The program was started on 18 April 2022. Let’s see what the 3rd batch of “Kla MICE”is learning. 

During the first two weeks of the internship program, 33 students from seven universities have learned from members of different departments through the Classroom activity. For the Operations Department, students went on site visits to explore buildings in the IMPACT Muang Thong Thani compound. Students assigned to the Food & Beverage Department got to learn about banquet catering, fabric pleating, and table setting. Next, the Exhibition Project team shared their experience about organizing events, from dealing with the organizers to managing the events. There was also a workshop simulating a real event for students to try managing the event. The Restaurant Management team conducted a special class for students who want to open their own restaurant or cafe. Lastly, for the Sales & Marketing Department, students were in a salesperson roleplay. 

Through this program, students were also thrilled with the pitching activity under the topic “MICE with Sustainability”.Members from Sales & Marketing, Exhibition Project, and HR departments will be the one who decide which group’s idea will be used in an event in the final project. IMPACT Insight will share some pictures of the event with everyone. Please stay tuned. 

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