Get to Know Khun Tuck Choephat, a charming lady from IMPACT Speed Park Team

As IMPACT Speed Park resumes its normal operation, IMPACT INSIGHT would like to take this chance to introduce Khun Tuck Choephat, a charming lady who greets customers and creates a memorable karting experience. Let’s hear her story.

Please introduce yourself and your roles

Hello, my name is Choephat Sawangwong or Tuck. I have been working at IMPACT for 2 years and 7 months as a supervisor of IMPACT Speed Park.  

My main responsibilities pertain to providing exceptional service, advising, and giving information to customers. I also supervise the track and kart operations, handle documents, and coordinate with other departments in the company. Currently, there are nine members of the team. Each person has different roles in their position. First, a receptionist is responsible for providing service to customers upon their arrival. The track operator oversees the track and karts. The field service officer takes care of customers before and during a ride. Housekeepers take care of the cleanliness of the area inside and outside. However, everyone works towards a common goal, which is to give the best first impression and service to our customers to keep them coming back.

What is your work motto and how to be happy at work?

“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because nobody is perfect, but you need to accept those mistakes” is the phrase that we would often hear people say. However, doing your best today is more legit because we should do whatever we want to avoid living with regrets later. Whatever we do should comply with the company’s rules and help impress the customers as well. As a service provider, we understand that everyone loves to be treated nicely. We expect excellent, not unpleasant customer service because it is crucial for long-term business success.   

A crucial key to working happily is to bond with co-workers. At IMPACT Speed Park, we work and live like a family or siblings and respect each other. When a problem arises, we solve it together, so it makes me feel likes home.  As a result, when we are happy at work, we provide better customer service. “Making mistakes is inevitable, so don’t be afraid.” Learn from our past mistakes and try not to make the same mistake again. 

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