Get to Know Khun Sine Sivaporn, customer’s leasing executive from the Real Estate Department


We are back again every Friday with IMPACT INSIGHT. Today, IMPACT INSIGHT features an in-depth interview with Khun Sai Sivaporn, who oversees customer’s leasing. Let’s hear her work story.

Please introduce yourself and your job responsibility

Hello, my name is Sivaporn Detmuangpak or Sai, the leasing – senior executive from the Real Estate Department. I have been working at IMPACT for 12 years and 10 months. My primary responsibility entails managing contract documents for shops, restaurants, various brands, vending machines, self-service facilities, and the telephone base station in IMPACT and the Trust Fund areas. I am also responsible for processing lease contracts to close a deal including all of IMPACT’s chain restaurants and shopping malls in addition to monitoring work systems like EBMS, E-Work Order, and other assignments from the manager.

The Real Estate Department is overseen by Khun Toungrat Tantivajkul and divided into four divisions including 1) Leasing, 2) Tenant, 3) Media, and 4) Beehive. We have 26 employees on staff. Our main tasks are managing area rental service, overseeing shops and other services – both long term and short term lease in the exhibition halls and BEEHIVE Lifestyle Mall – assisting and accommodating the shops. We also regulate the shops to follow IMPACT’s standards to improve the quality of the service, the organization’s image, and high technology for customer’s satisfaction. We also cooperate and support work operations to be in line with the company’s policy.

What is your work motto and how to be happy at work?

Punctuality is a personal fundamental responsibility. We should value time because it will lead to success. The tips to be happy at work are where there’s a will, there’s a way and every problem has a solution. I remind myself of these two mottos every time I feel tired and need motivation. When there’s a problem, if we try our best to solve it, everything will ease up eventually. When we succeed, even if it’s a small thing, self-rewarding is a good idea to cheer ourselves up. For example, if we successfully close a deal with customers, we should celebrate and treat ourselves with a sweet drink as a reward. Let’s not forget about people who have helped you too. Give courage to them when needed.   

What are your thoughts about Khun Sai’s point of view at work? It is quite interesting, isn’t it? So don’t forget to reward your accomplishment with a nice treat.  

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