Here at IMPACT…We are friends: Get to Know Khun Noey Pemika, the sporty lady from IMPACT Tennis Academy and IMPACT Fitness

IMPACT Tennis Academy and IMPACT Fitness have been serving local and international tennis players as well as fitness aficionados alike for more than 10 years. Today IMPACT INSIGHT would like to share Khun Noey Pemika’s story, a sporty girl from IMPACT Tennis Academy and IMPACT Fitness.

Please introduce yourself and your role at IMPACT.

Hello, my name is Pemika Prungprasert or Noey, but my boss, Mr Stephen, nicknamed me “Butter.” I’ve been working as an assistant manager at IMPACT Tennis Academy and IMPACT Fitness for 3 years and 6 months.

My main responsibility involves assisting foreign tennis players with visa applications and organizing tournaments. 

I am also responsible for assisting the supervisor with the day to day operations of the gym according to business practices, ensuring a pleasant guest experience, and reviewing financial documents and other assigned tasks like coordinating with staff from other departments.   

What is your work motto and how to be happy at work?

The motto that always reminds me of how to restrain myself and avoid problems is “Inspiration is something that is created by ourselves only” because our actions come from our thoughtful reflection. Sometimes, mistakes happen but at least we learn from them and try to make them right, so does the inspiration. Whenever we’re hopeless and want to give up, you’ve gotta lift yourselves up, dust off, get back on, and shine right out.  

To be happy at work is to be professional and pay attention to self-development by setting a goal and achieving it. Therefore, you should be happy with work in your own way.

We hope that you enjoyed reading Khun Noey’s story and please stay tuned for next week’s IMPACT Insight stories.

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