Get to Know Khun Mindmint Korakod, marketing lady from the Group Restaurant Department


We are back again on Friday. Today, IMPACT INSIGHT features an interview about Khun Mindmint, Korakod, and the marketing lady from the Group Restaurant Department. Let’s hear her story.

Please introduce yourself and your job responsibility.

Hello, my name is Korakod Niruttisaisakul or “Mindmint”. Currently, I’m working in the Group Restaurant Department as a restaurant marketing officer. I have worked with IMPACT for 1 year and 5 months. My journey started from being an intern during November 2020 – February 2021 where I have learnt and experienced the Japanese restaurant business for the first time.

Currently, I am working in the Group Restaurant Department, one of the departments taking care of IMAPACT’s restaurant business. There are 13 IMPACT’s restaurants that have different vibes and different kinds of foods. Mainly, I am responsible for the marketing and promotion work such as overseeing all restaurants’ social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and LINE Official, which are the main channels to communicate with customers.

What is your work motto and how to be happy at work?

My work motto is “Make every day a learning day” because we face different situations each day. Therefore, we gather all mistakes, knowledge and ideas that happened each day. I believe that we can adapt and improve ourselves to be better.

Such an impressive story from Khun Mindmint from the Group Restaurant Department.

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