IMPACT Appreciates Your Good Deed: Khun Mark Chatchanan, a Volunteer from FA Asset Department, uses music to ease stress during the pandemic


Many people believe and use music as a therapy to reduce stress during the coronavirus pandemic.

In this IMPACT Appreciates Your Good Deed series, we would like to share another impressive story that happened in our workplace. On September 19, Nonthaburi Provincial Health Office used IMPACT Forum as a temporary vaccination site for those patients had previously registered for the vaccine via Nonprompt.

The Special Project Department took responsibilities to ensure smooth operations and invited Khun Mark Chatchanan from the FA Asset Department, who has talent in singing and playing instrument, to sing a song for patients waiting to get their jab to create a stress-free environment.  

IMPACT INSIGHT interviewed Khun Mark about how he felt to be a volunteer for the event. He stated that, “I feel like I volunteer for charity work as I could help vaccine recipients reduce their anxiety, and I am so thrilled to be on stage again. I did not hesitate at all and in the back of mind already said yes when I was asked to perform at the charity event.

Let’s kudos to our colleague, Khun Mark Chatchanan, for his good-heartedness. We, IMPACT, appreciate your good work from the bottom of our hearts.

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