Here we have two ladies who are behind the personal image of the casual staff, as the makeup artist and grooming expert at the ASEAN Summit respectively.

IMPACT executives are not only good at management.

“Once you step into IMPACT as an employee, you are implicitly representing IMPACT. Being presentable and keeping up good appearances are key when we have IMPACT as our surname.”

IMPACT Insight has received the chance to interview exclusively with two IMPACT executives: Khun Mam Pornphan, Asst. Director of Exhibition Project and Khun Ann Ruangsiri, Asst. Director of Procurement who have expertise in professional grooming. Who knew that these two talented ladies are also experts in grooming!

As the biggest conference, ‘ASEAN Summit’ held at IMPACT, Khun Mam and Khun Ann embraced their challenging roles as a makeup artist and a grooming expert respectively, looking after the appearance of IMPACT’s outsourced staff, or what we call “Casuals”. These two ladies oversaw proceedings to ensure that every casual staff member was their best self and appeared in a presentable fashion. This included the clothes they wore, the way they styled their hair, the makeup, etc., in order to make sure that they were ready to serve all our guests!

Khun Mam mentioned, “As for the ASEAN Summit, I was the Supervisor but with these kinds of major events, your tasks and responsibilities go beyond that of your title. Therefore, we decided to lend a hand in making sure their grooming was appropriate such as hairdressing, make-up, outfits, or even shoes must be shiny because the image that you show must be perfect, beautiful, and look the best in order to serve important customers.”

Khun Ann added, “This is a new challenge as we had to work against the time and also make sure everyone was in tip-top condition and resembled a well-groomed team. If some of them did not pass the inspection check, then they would not be able to carry their duties until they look the best.”

In the end, the two ladies said in one voice that personality and image are very important for everyone who works at IMPACT. Because all employees will be the first checkpoint to impress customers, they reflect the image of the organization. Therefore, I would like to leave everyone aware of this issue as well.

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