Get to Know Khun Krueawan ‘Kruea’ Lasee, the diligent lady from the Standard Control Division


Here comes Friday again. We’re featuring a female multitasker, Khun Krueawan Kruea Lasee, from the standard control division who revealed her work journey with us during an interview. Let’s get started.

Please introduce yourself and your job responsibility

Hello, my name is Krueawan Lasee. I go by “Kruea.” I’m an Implement Control Supervisor. I have been working with IMPACT for seven years and 10 months now. My primary responsibility includes controlling, monitoring, and giving advice about the document system and work operation of other departments to ensure they are in accordance with our ISO50001 standard, TIS22300, Thailand MICE Venues standard (TMVS), ASEAN MICE Venues standard, New Normal standard, Internal Audit, External Audit and assessments by other organizations. We make sure that the applied systems are in line with the company’s goals, as well as researching and updating COVID-19 laws closely from CCSA and Nonthaburi province and apply them to the company’s business operations that are conducted in accordance with the government laws.

Currently, the standard control department has three subdivisions comprising QA, Safety, and Implement, with five working members. Our principle of work is Teamwork. 

What is your work motto and how to be happy at work?

My work motto is “The past gives you experience, doing your best today and success awaits us in the future.” Success, mistakes, and failures in the past teach us a lesson so that we will not repeat the same mistakes again. We should fix those mistakes and do our best today for success in the future. I feel so proud to be a part of IMPACT and happy to be working at the standard control division as a small cog that supports work operations to be systematic and sustainable with the international standards. Since my day one up until now, I have gathered good experience and a good work attitude that can be applied to my work and life very well. Of course, there’re problems and obstacles in every workplace. Don’t get too carried away, take a deep breath, and find solutions. We should have a work-life balance and have time for family. 

What is your thought about the work stories that Khun Kruea from the Standard Control division shared with all of us? IMPACT INSIGHT hopes that everyone can adapt and use her good work attitude and experience to work and live happily.

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