Get to Know Khun Kao Thunvarat, a lovely administrator from Finance and Accounting Department


Time flies, the last quarter of the year has arrived, and IMPACT INSIGHT is still working hard to keep employees in the loop so that each and every one of us will not miss important news. We like to share with you a story of Khun Kao Thunvarat from the Finance and Accounting Department whom we interviewed and enjoyed talking to.   

Please introduce yourself and your job responsibility

Hello, my name is Thunvarat Jeinpradit or Kao, an Administrative Executive from the Finance and Accounting Department. I have been working with IMPACT for 1 year and 8 months. My primary responsibility includes coordinating with other departments and clients about accounting and finance. My main task is collecting documents, doing daily reports, gathering information about signboard tax, land and property tax, value-added tax registration, registration of food distribution license, registration of alcohol and tobacco distribution license for restaurants in the IMPACT restaurant group. Moreover, I am also responsible for controlling and supervising the company’s messengers, as well as providing support and solving problems in the department. Currently, there are two people in our team, which are my supervisor and me. No matter how hard the task or the obstacle is, we always help each other and get through it together.

What is your work motto and how to be happy at work?

“It’s ok and let’s start fresh again tomorrow,” whispering in her mind every morning. No matter what mistake we make or the problem we face, we will always find our own way to prevent those mistakes from happening again in the future. Furthermore, we should prioritize work according to its importance in order to finish the work at the scheduled time. For the guide to be happy at work, I believe everyone has a distinct way to work happily. For me, based on my duty and scope of work, I am required to meet many people at work. In fact, my personality is funny, friendly, and talkative. I can talk to everyone in the office and make them laugh which makes us closer to each other and creates a fun work environment. In addition, I would take a walk for 5-10 minutes to rest my eyes after continuously looking at the screen. By doing this, it is better than staying in the same position for a long time which leads to having office syndrome.

We hope you can adapt her advice to work happily and stay away from office syndrome. Hats off to the lovely lady, Khun Kao Thunvarat. 

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