Get to Know Khun Fang Tunlaya, a Smart Working Woman from IMPACT’s Japanese Restaurant Group.


For this Friday, IMPACT INSIGHT features an interview with Khun Fang Tunlaya, a smart working woman who has been working behind the marketing and promotion campaigns of IMPACT’s Japanese restaurant group. Let’s hear her story and her point of view about work!

Please introduce yourself and your job responsibility

Hello, my name is Tunlaya Khanthakowit or Fang. I have been working as a marketing executive (Japanese Restaurant) for seven years. My primary responsibility involves overseeing marketing campaigns of IMPACT’s Japanese restaurants, including developing new promotions for restaurants, creating, and promoting new menu items, and supervising all media of the Japanese restaurants.

Tsubohachi, Taisho-Tei Ramen, and Uwajima are the brands we partner with within a total of nine locations.  

  • Tsubohachi Japanese restaurant has six branches, including BEEHIVE Lifestyle Mall, Cosmo Bazaar, Nihonmachi, The Promenade, The Portal, and Zpell at Future Park Rangsit.
  • Taisho-Tei Ramen has two branches: on the 1st floor of IMPACT Challenger Hall 3 and Sky Kitchen.
  • Uwajima Japanese restaurant at IMPACT Lakefront.

What is your work motto and how to be happy at work?

My motto for work is “Be patient”. Being happy at work is to love what you do. I always feel passionate about Japan, so I have a strong passion and dedication to my work. There is a saying that you can achieve good work performance if you love the company’s restaurant as your own. As a result, you should be dedicated to your work and the results of your work will be better. For the past seven years of working here, I feel happy every time I see my work’s performance that surpasses sales volume. Finally, I would like to thank all of my colleagues in the Japanese Restaurant department who always help and support me like a family, which makes this workplace a better place to work.

It’s good to hear that her passion for Japan has become her inspiration for work. IMPACT Insight is grateful that Khun Fang shared her story and hopes that everyone gets inspired and be happy with work.

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