Introduction Khun Dao Kwandao a hard working lady and introduce Business Development


Introduce yourself, position, and years of work

Hello, my name is Kwandao Ketsamuth. I go by “Dao.” I am an assistant business development manager at the Business Development department, Exhibition Project sector. I have been working at IMPACT for 7 years and 10 months.

Responsibilities, Team members, and how do they work?

My main responsibilities are coordinating local and international clients by inviting them to technology exhibitions, and other services. I also increase business bargain channels with the cooperation from the government, private sector, association in Thailand and abroad for visitors and exhibitors including expanding IMPACT’s customers and businesses. Our team has 6 employees on staff including the assistant director.

Currently, I’m responsible for coordinating B2B and B2C 2 Exhibitions as follows:  

  • B2B Exhibition – Building Construction Technology Expo 2021. I am in charge of coordinating exhibitors, organization and international association.
  • B2C Exhibition – Thailand Lifelong Learning and Education Expo 2022. I am in charge of coordinating exhibitors, organization, local association and international association.

Moreover, I’m managing a team of 5 and assigning tasks based on personal proficiency. I try to reinforce the ability to multitask so that they can achieve goals faster and more effectively while increasing the team’s capacity to support each other and share opinions in addition activities such as virtual lunch, virtual happy hour, wearing the same theme of clothes to avoid going back the comfort zone, and stress reduction when working from home.

Motto of work

I have 2 mottos to share: 1. “Tomorrow is too late” by Ajarn Silpa Phirasri and 2. “Birds need to find food in the morning and work as a team” by my father. I grew up hearing my dad saying it repeatedly, and I didn’t understand what he meant until I started working. Now I know that our 24 hours are not the same depending on whether we seek the chance or just wait for the chance to seek us. When you work as a team, don’t be self-centered and be open to others’ opinions because people have different experiences and perspectives.

How do you work happily in your own way?

Don’t let your work be a routine and you should find small activities as a reward each day, such as making a to-do list in order to achieve your daily goal. Having a positive mindset for yourself and your team is also important. Be considerate and open-minded. Be a good listener and accept different viewpoints of different generations.

Such a deep and meaningful motto from Khun Dao!

We hope you can adapt her mottos and work experience into your own work. Let’s live happily and productively.

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