IMPACT appreciates your good deed: Khun Ann Ruangsiri, Asst. Director of Procurement Department treats her staff to lunch


In this IMPACT Appreciates Your Good Deed column, we’ve been touched by a great story by Khun Ann Ruangsiri, Asst. Director of Procurement, who came up with an idea to share meals among staff members with a little budget and reduce the risk of buying takeaway or eating outside the office.

Sharing Lunch with Each Other

The procurement team explained about the starting point of the Sharing Lunch with Each Other project. They said that Khun Ann told them to give 20 baht a day, which adds up to 100 baht a week and is quite enough for a family meal. This option can save more money compared to ready-to-cooked meals and takeout. 

Moreover, staff can plan and take a vote on what they want to eat each day. Khun Ann will use the budget to buy ingredients to prepare lunch for everyone, but the team members have to bring their own rice to eat. 

Let’s hear about the procurement team’s feelings.

She is the deal. She always cares about her team members and takes care of them very nicely.

It is such an impressive story that happened in our workplace. IMPACT INSIGHT would like to give a big applause to Khun Ann who devoted herself and helped her team to get through this crisis together.

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