One more visiting with K.Nook Suthida at IMPACT Lakefront to promote IMPACT Speed Park and IMPACT Lakefront’s restaurants


At IMPACT Lakefront, a one-time visiting is never enough! Last week, Khun Nook, the famous singer and artist in the 90’s visited IMPACT Lakefront twice to promote 2 TV programs including; Chee Vee Dee Dee on Channel 3 and Nook Family on YouTube Channel. Khun Nook took a test drive and enjoyed the ultimate karting experience at IMPACT Speed Park.

Afterwards, the TV crew was invited to try out an array of delicious food at Breeze Café & Bar. And for the second program Khun Nook together with her family joined IMPACT Speed Park for the second time and then went to taste a wide variety of signature dishes at Isan Jim Joom restaurant.

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