Behind the scenes of Krua Khun Toi filming at Tsubohachi and putting the spotlight on Hokkai Kamameshi

Recently, Tsubohachi at Cosmo Bazaar warmly welcomed Khua Khun Toi, a popular TV show from Channel 3, to film the restaurant and its ‘Hokkai Kamameshi’ for public advertising.

Chef Yamaguchi Isao prepared ingredients for making Hokkai Kamameshi, the signature dish of Tsubohachi for over 48 years. The ingredients consist of Tarabagani (King Crab), Hotate (Japanese scallop), salmon, Shimeji mushroom, carrot, Japanese rice, Kamameshi soup, Kizami nori (shredded seaweed) and Mizuna (Japanese mustard green). The chef cooked the dish while explaining each cooking process in detail which made the footage’s filming run smoothly and finish quickly. 

In addition to the footage shot, the restaurant also brought other signature dishes to the show. Please stay tuned and cheer up for the Tsubohachi staff.

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