Good work impression at IMPACT: Care packages for everyone who are affected by Covid-19 crisis, a heart-warming initiative by ladies of Communications Department


While we’re suffering from the coronavirus outbreak, nothing is more important than outpouring of support. We have to encourage one another to get through the tough times. The acts of generosity are a powerful affirmation for those who are affected by COVID-19.

Today IMPACT INSIGHT has a wonderful, heart-warming story about our colleagues from the corporate communications department who are willing to reach out to help others.

The acts of generosity begin with four ladies from the corporate communications department: Khun Koi Netnapa, Khun Palm Panida, Khun Toey Natchaya and Khun Oum Peangjai. They came up with the project with the intention to alleviate COVID-19 patients and were grateful for support from the third parties who had donated hand gel sanitizers, masks, food and beverages. All donated items were stored in the office waiting to be sent out to those in need. The ladies helped each other to pack and distribute them to business and individuals impacted by the pandemic.     

Still, there are thousands of people who are ill as well as unemployed. We are glad that our goods are meaningful to their families who also desperately need help. 

Now you see that happiness comes from giving and sharing, especially during these difficult times; even just a little help would impact receivers greatly.Let’s us all give a huge round of applause for the 4 ladies who successfully executed this project.

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