Ep. 2 Green Day Project: the idea to save the world by reducing plastic consumption.


A New Day EP.03 Rethink & Reuse is one of the interesting projects by the Human Resources department. Today Insight covers an interview Khun U, the creator of the Green Day Project from the Sale and Marketing department.

Let’s introduce yourself

I’m Pawat Rodbuta. I have been working as a sale executive for 4 years and one month. I am responsible for sale and marketing corporate & Media.

How did you join the project?

Personally, I love joining activities within the organization including The Good or being part of the Partnership team. I was informed of this project that I won from an email sent by the HR department.

How would your project impact the organization?

It’s because I had a chance to watch the Seaspiracy documentary and that got me thinking about how excessive plastic consumption severely affected the environment due to its difficulty to decompose, which will increase the world’s waste in the near future. So, I thought about how employees could be part to save the world efficiently and that’s when the IMPACT Green Day project happened.

How do you feel about being one of the winners?

Since it’s the simple idea that can be used to change the mindset of everyone on reducing plastic consumption, at first I didn’t think I would be selected. After HR sent me an email informing that I got selected by the executives to be one of the 8 winners. I am so proud of myself.

Do you have anything to say for the IMPACT members?

This activity can be immediately conducted in the organization. Everyone can reduce the use of plastic starting from your department. If you can do it, you can save both the organization and the world.

What do you think about this brilliant idea to save the world? Let’s join hands to reduce the use of plastic and save our world today. We can do it!

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