IMPACT Market is on its 2nd week featuring desserts and snacks for sweet lovers


IMPACT Market is now on its 2nd week, opening for colleagues to use as a sales channel to generate income. Now you can opt to sell and buy products as you wish. Take advantage of this opportunity to make extra money, promote your brand, and network with peers every Wednesday throughout August.  

This time, we will wow sweet lovers with scrumptious dessert and snacks.

Victory Bakery by Khun Gift Nattapak from the Special Project. Apart from being a coordinator, she also runs a bakery business from her family, which offers many delicious baked goods. The Victory Bakery shop is also located at Cosmo Bazaar. For those who are interested, please call 062-642-0199 or add Line: . You can place orders via LINE MAN and Robinhood.

Aroi Warehouse by Khun Por Khannitha from the Finance and Accounting Department. She is in charge of managing cash disbursement of IMPACT. With the love and passion of cooking, she now brings them to share with everyone through her delish homemade pizza, pork balls, grilled beef, orange juice, passion fruit juice, and fresh milk toddy palm. Contact Line ID: baidung or Tel: 089-418-8864

Kanom Wan by Khun Angun Phadcharawan from the Finance and Accounting Department. She is madly in love with Lod Chong Wat Chet and popular Thanan coconut jelly and has transformed herself into a part-time seller selling Lod Chong Wat Chet, Chakungrao’s Grass Jelly, Thanan’s Coconut Jelly and Coconut Sugar. Hit her up at 094-706-9296 (same phone numbers for LINE ID)

Free delivery around Muang Thong Thani Condominium and nearby areas.

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