We, IMPACT, Cheer Each Other Up EP. 2


Last week, IMPACT INSIGHT presented photos of IMPACT members who worked on-site and worked remotely. IMPACT employees are sending their inspirational messages and positive energy to the board of management and their colleagues to get through the COVID-19 crisis together.

Photos and inspirational messages from our peers from the City Management, Financial & Accounting, Exhibition Project, and Facility Management departments mean a lot to us and motivate our actions.  

However, the impressive thing doesn’t end here, there are some inspirational messages from colleagues that express their sincerity, love and caring for each other. Let’s don’t waste time and go see those encouraging photos.

Through collaboration and ingenuity, we are well-positioned to confront COVID-19.

Photos from Facility Management & IT and Project Management

Photos from Financial & Accounting

Photos from City Management

Photos from Operations Division

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