We are cheering up each other


The pandemic of Covid-19 has undeniably affected so many aspects of our lives including economy, society, and health. No need to talk much about it again because we all have been living in the world we had never imagined. Positivity is needed more than ever. Acts of generosity are essential, and words of encouragement are powerful affirmations for team members.

We are thankful for the many members of our company who have portrayed positive energy through photos and videos to encourage the executives and peers. We all have gone to great lengths through this abnormal situation to provide the best service for our customers.

A lot of cheer up photos are being sent to us, so we need to divide them into each episode. This time we will start with the cheer up photos from our friends from Food & Beverage department, Main kitchen, and IMPACT restaurant group.

Through collaboration and ingenuity, we are well positioned to confront COVID-19.

Photos from F&B and Main kitcken team

Photos from IMPACT Restaurant group

Photos from Corporate Communications

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