Great news for Bangkok Land and its sibling companies’ staff!

Grab the chance to own an apartment you’ve been longing for at a wallet-friendly price. Convenience, prime location, and amazing price totally matter when it comes to buying a property. MORI Condominium, located in the heart of IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, features Japanese influenced interior design that will make the room warm as well as welcoming and comes with furnishings.

Working in front of a computer screen for hours makes your eyes feel tired. Let’s eat 5 colors of vegetables to promote eye health.

Do you know that blue light from computer screens, smartphones, tablets, and TV screens can damage our cornea and retina more than any other light, especially for those who have been using computers for a long time or other devices with blue light in an inappropriate environment like in the dark. So how can we prevent macular degeneration due to long-term exposure to computer screens that radiate blue light? We have some good information to share with you.

Are you at risk for NCDs or non-communicable diseases?

Currently, the hustle of work and daily routine make working people have less time to have good and healthy food and exercise less. As a result, they will be prone to NCDs or non-communicable diseases. IMPACT Insight will tell you what NCDs are and the symptoms.
Non-communicable diseases are a group of diseases that are not caused by infection, bacteria or disease vectors. In fact, NCDs are caused by behavioral risk factors such as alcohol consumption, tobacco use, eating too much sweet, oily and salty food, and insufficient exercises. There are six common non-communicable diseases as follows.

Progress of the new phase of solar roof installations at Cosmo Bazaar Lifestyle Mall, Cosmo Office Park, and BEEHIVE Lifestyle Mall

The first phase of solar roof installations at IMPACT Challenger, IMPACT Forum, and Indoor Parking 3 (P3) has achieved its goal to save energy. It’s a collaborative effort made by the energy management working group and Banpu Infinergy Company Limited to initiate a solar power project that covers a 20-year timeframe. Today, IMPACT Insight would like to share with you progress of the new phase of this solar roof project.

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