Here at IMPACT…We are friends: Introducing Khun Jed Kridnutthakorn, senior sourcing officer of Procurement Sourcing Department


We are back again with “Here at IMPACT… We are friends.” It’s now the Procurement Sourcing Department’s turn. IMPACT Insight would like to introduce Khun Jed Kridnutthakorn, senior sourcing officer, to you.

Who are you, and what do you do?  

Hello, my name is Kridnutthakorn “Jed” Utesraksarkul. I’m a Senior Sourcing Officer in the procurement department. I have worked with IMPACT for a good 7 years. My roles and responsibilities are as follows:  

  • Searching for service providers or products for all departments.
  • Presenting or recommending products and services that benefit the organization, in terms of technology innovation and budget reduction.
  • Examining service provider’s work performance to indicate their efficiency in compliance with IMPACT’s standard.
  • Overseeing and consulting the process of the sale agreement, service employment contract, and any other agreements.
  • Managing documents such as establishment assessment, new supplier documents, and other related documents.
  • Overseeing and checking partner’s information to keep it up to date and ready for use when required.

Procurement team

The procurement team spearheaded by Khun Ann Ruangsiri Khomsiri and Khun Nun Atcharaluk Charnsuriyawuth oversees all procurement and purchasing activities for Bangkok Land. We have 22 employees on staff. 

For the sourcing part, we have 3 members who can provide information as well as consultation about products and services, supplier’s information, and the process of sourcing. Other related tasks include agreement procedures, reports, and documents related to the organization’s standard and auctions of scrap.

Motto of work

My grandfather always said “Human never stop thinking” when he was alive. I totally agree and take it as my own motto. There are so many things in this world waiting for us to discover, find out the defects, and come up with new ideas to further develop what we have.

How do you work happily in your own way? 

I start by talking with myself, cheering myself up, thinking positive and preparing to work every day. I also seek out new ideas to improve myself. I’m ready to do new things and open for criticism to always reflect on myself.

IMPACT INSIGHT hopes you guys have learned and known more about the Procurement department. Please feel free to adapt Khun Jed’s motto into yours should you wish to do so.

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