Here at IMPACT… We are friends Ep.5 This week’s episode features Miss Ning and Miss Nong, two lovely ladies from the Exhibition Project team


We’re back again on the EP.5 of “Here at IMPACT…We are friends”. Today, we will introduce Miss Ning Kannsiri and Miss Ning Chanyapak from the organizing arm of the company, who are in charge of trade as well as consumer events. 

Tell us about yourself and your responsibility

My name is Kannsiri Sakulthanasin, or you can call me Ning, senior public relations executive at the Exhibition Project department. I have been with IMPACT for 8 years and 5 months and in charge of public relations for exhibition, convention, and business matching, consisting of LED Expo Thailand, Digitech ASEAN Thailand, Medlab Asia & Asia Health and Building Construction Technology Expo, and more. Once I garner all the information such as highlights of events and benefits they bring to participants from the organizers, I sum it up in writing to ensure conciseness prior to disseminating our fresh of the oven news to the media and journalists and invite them to join our ribbon cutting ceremony. 

What are you most proud of in your work, and what is your work motto?

I have become a news and content writer. I also direct photo shoots for news, select photos, and send them to the media including newspapers, television, radio, printed publication and online media, which I take pride in myself. Undoubtedly, all work cannot be done alone, and I’m glad I am one of the key drivers for company’s success.  

My work motto is “Don’t pray for success, but practice and take action.” PR’s job is challenging in so many aspects, so you have to be prepared all the time.

How do you work happily in your own way?

I believe that those who love what they do must enjoy their life every day. Apart from eating and getting enough sleep, arranging your desk at work can also lift up your mood. Prioritizing your work, getting it done day by day, and coming back home to spend time with family is my work-life balance.

Tell us about yourself and your responsibility

My name is Chanyapak Joyputt, administrative executive at the Exhibition Project department. I have worked here for 6 years and 11 months and in charge of managing all the documents in the department, coordinating internally and externally to achieve the objectives.

What are you proud of in your work at IMPACT and what is your work motto?

I am proud to be part of IMPACT and delighted that I can apply my expertise to most of the work I’ve been assigned for. Shout out to my supervisor again who shows me the ropes and gives me an opportunity to undertake this role. This wasn’t my position when I first got hired, and as time went by, my supervisor saw something else in me, so she changed my position believing it would suit me better. 

My work motto is “Everyone makes mistakes, but we have to learn from them to improve ourselves.” 

How do you work happily in your own way?

Keep smiling and infect colleagues with a positive attitude.

IMPACT INSIGHT hopes our audiences have gained valuable insights from the interview.  

Stay locked for more interviews.

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