“We are friends Ep.2” features 2 ladies from Human Resources department


All new comers must be familiar with Miss Ida Sunicha and Miss Earl Isariya who are tasked with holding an orientation for new hires. Ida is in charge of onboarding new employees while Earl’s primary responsibility involves employee and social security benefits. We will let you know them better though their conversations with IMPACT INSIGHT.

Miss Ida, let’s introduce yourself

My name is Sunicha Chareonsak, and I go by “Ida.” I have been working as a People Development Executive for 3 years and 10 months. I’m in charge of employee development, training, project activities such as R2j project  R2i (Routine to Innovation), IMPACT Inspire, A new day, IMPACT Home School and in the future we will provide online training for employees.

What are your accomplishments, and what is your motto?

I stay committed to my goals, and one of those goals is to make new hires feel welcome. Thanks to the manager who gives me a chance to work independently and assigns new tasks that always challenge me. Another thing I like is that I get to make friends all the time because I have to contact and coordinate with many departments. My motto is “do everything at your best”.

How do you work happily in your own way?

I start my day with positivity by listening to the music or watching funny video clips to make myself relaxed. Also, I smile a lot because when you smile at other people, they will smile back at you.

Next, Miss Earl, please introduce yourself

I’m Isariya Watcharapong. You can call me “Earl.” I have workedas a People Development supervisor for 2 years and 4 months. I am responsible for arranging training courses and development for staff including activities that will enhance employee performances.

What are you proud of in your work and what is your motto?

IMPACT is my second home because I spend a majority of time here. Working here also poses challenges since I have to think and adjust the work process on a daily basis, which I like. We learn new things and have to stay proactive all the time. I am proud that I have my team to support each other and a good leader that always gives valuable advice. My motto is “Believe in your capability, and you’re halfway there”

How can you stay happy at work?

Since graduation, I have worked for almost 10 years now, and I can confirm, from years of work experience, that we can’t expect things to happen exactly how we want, so accept the truth and stay motivated. You just have to work hard and use criticism as a way to improve yourself. When stress happens, stay focused and take you time to find ways to deal with it.

We hope by now you have known them better. Feel free to use their methods as a guideline.

Thank you for joining us today and stay tuned for more.

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