We are friends Ep.1 introducing two female coordinators from communications team


You guys must be familiar with these two Admin ladies, K. Maew Supaporn and K. Rung Rungladda, who are the go-to people when you walk in the corporate communications department to seek support in artwork design, content editing, photography and filming, and the list goes on.

K. Rungladda goes by “Rung.” She has worked as an Art & Creative Coordinator for 5 years and 8 months undertaking various tasks and corresponding with numerous departmental colleagues, collating documents, and preparing all necessary office supplies. Rung is also in charge of our food safety standards ISO 22000 to keep employees informed of updates, current standards, and requirements. Her past achievement she is most proud of includes organizing sandalwood flower making activities to offer in the royal cremation ceremony of King Rama IX, which was a multi-step event. It requires cooperation among many parties from start to finish including employees and customers. 

Rung still recalls those days where she organized a drone training class that drove her nuts. Not only was this project new to her, with a little experience under her belt, but put her in a frustrating situation where she had to deal with government officials to acquire and complete documents. 

“My work motto is simple and straight forward – work hard but smart and care for others,” said Rung. My office is my second home where I spend a majority of time here, and I much love my job. 

Another lovely Admin lady we praise is K. Maew, Ms. Supaporn Pookbooncherd, our Art & Creative Coordinator, who has been working here for nearly 7 years. 

Her main responsibility includes coordinating and supporting every division in the department comprising Public Relations, Graphic Design, Photography and Multimedia team.

K. Maew acts as the go-to person for Energy Management ISO 50001 and is responsible for sharing essential information among team members as well as overseeing all media matters, both internally and externally, writing a letter to government officials to obtain permission to fly a drone in the Muang Thong Thani areas, and collaborating on the Royal Ceremonial activities.    

Her work motto is as positive as her work attitude – do you best. We also asked her about how to work happily in the office, and she replied “Love what you do, set your goal precisely, manage your work schedule, and find your favorite spot to relax.

Thank you for taking the time to read. We hope you might grab some value from our story.

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