Good work Impress at IMPACT: OP Transportation team restructure their roles from transporters to supporters


The OP Transportation team previously undertook all transportation matters, but since they changed their roles, we will update you with their new roles and responsibilities through the conversation below.   

“We are ready to support, just let us know!”

Khun Seng Suppachai, the manager of OP transportation, said “We have 11 employees on staff.” As all events have been rescheduled or halted, we got not much to do, so we reach out to other departments to see if they need a hand. Finally we manage to stay proactive again. 

Our supporting tasks are as follows:

  • Support F&B team to prepare meal kits and help with packing.
  • Support Speed Park team with regard to cleaning, introducing driving instructions, and coordinating with the mechanics.
  • Support OP Art and OP Set up in conducting PR on vaccination, preparing the desks and chairs at the vaccination site nestled in IMPACT Forum. Other task includes going off-site to support other departments.

Our team still transports medical personnel from iBIS hotel to Bussarakam hospital, from morning to noon.  

“We are proud to support every work to success” Let’s hear their feelings

“We thought it was as easy as pie to help out F&B team with packing boxes with food, but it turned out not to be much harder. Every process requires attention.  

For IMPACT Speed Park, particularly during these crazy times, we can foresee that they need help more than ever, so we send the volunteer team to support them on a busy weekend making us feel valuable again. Lastly, we operate the transportation for medical personnels at Bussarakam hospital. We’re proud to support the frontline workers in this situation. Even though there are chances of risk, we’re confident of the measures and take the best care of ourselves,” said the OP Transportation Team.

IMPACT never leaves anyone behind including the OP Transportation team who are willing to offer their help. Let’s give them a big round of applause for their dedication and hard work!

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