F&B team, they are in charge of organizing the event and providing food service at Motor Show


“Don’t’ be surprised if you see a can of original coke in our bag!”
As we stroll around the aisles and engage in a conversation with customers,
which is a normal ritual to us, a can of coke is our best bet because customers ask for it all the time.

K. Wan Wallapa Kongsopee, manager of Catering from Food & Beverage Department, shares her in-depth story afoot during the motor show’s set up dates with the The Show Must Go ON INSIGHT team.

K. Wan Wallapa Kongsopee, catering manager, is taking the time to reveal her roles and responsibilities for everything she has encountered in the past 10 years of catering service for The Bangkok International Motor Show together with function events and meetings. 

What is your secret sauce to win customer’s heart?

“Familiarize with your customers, listen carefully, and respond in a timely manner with answers to their needs. Even a miniscule detail still matters like their favorite drink, what’s kind of drink, what brand, and such. Over the past few years, we’ve assigned the same team to take care of each unit, and to the best of my knowledge the same familiar team associates are still facing challenges; that’s why they are encouraged to foster their problem-solving skills and stay vigilant with a back-up plan in place.   

The more you think you know your customers, the harder you will put into work to outperform your previous performance. People are always excited with new opportunities and challenges, so our team is rolling our sleeves to keep customers happy with regard to our food service as well as menu creation.

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