IMPACT arranges the annual meeting on planning for protection against communicable disease


IMPACT, by the operations department recently organized the annual meeting on planning for protection against communicable diseases which was attended by various departments such as; Facility Management, Human Resources, Corporate Communications, Standard Control Division. The meeting was held with the objective of updating plans and measures to protect against the coronavirus (COVID-19) after Thailand’s declaration of COVID-19 as the nation’s 14th most (?) dangerous communicable disease.

IMPACT places great importance on carrying out the safety measures against COVID-19 with every department cooperating to the fullest as we constantly monitor news, facts, and updates from the Ministry of Public Health’s Department of Disease Control. Also, our housekeeping team is regularly disinfecting areas that are occupied by the public and have stationed hand sanitizers for everyone’s use. The corporate communications department has produced various mediums of media to communicate with the IMPACT family providing useful facts and monitoring news to screen out all of the fake news.

We are delighted that everyone is cooperating and uniting to fight against this awful disease and together, we will get through these distressing times.

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