Human Resource Department recruits more than a thousand people to support the ASEAN Summit


ASEAN Summit the Series :

Human Resource Department, the force behind the recruitment of the best candidates, along with Casual Management, have left no stone unturned to ensure that there is no lack of manpower during the ASEAN Summit, which is a world-class event.

Khun. Tub Tanest, Assistant Manager of Casual Management, said that Casual employs more than 1,000 students each day, which receives fantastic cooperation from more than 13 partner educational institutions. All employed students will be divided into various divisions such as the food and beverages department, operations department, etc.

“The recruitment of temporary staff to work at the time of the ASEAN Summit requires vetting of different qualifications compared to any other job because, we want candidates with a pleasing personality, who have work experience in the service industry, and are able to communicate in English.”

It is a pleasure to partner with Casual Management for a world-class event like the ASEAN Summit, and we sincerely hope that each division, especially the ones that get extra manpower, will be able to operate without any glitches, accomplish their tasks efficiently and effectively, and thereby leave a lasting impression on the esteemed guests.