IMPACT employees’ annual medical examination

Starting off the New Year with a good thing. IMPACT Insight, on behalf of the employees, would like to thank the management team for caring about everyone’s health and assigning the Corporate Human Resources Department, aka the HR team, to hold an annual medical examination for all IMPACT Members and Bangkok Land employees.

The medical examination program was divided into four age groups. The program started with basic check-ups including weighing, height measurement, pressure measurement, blood test, eyesight test, ECG (Electrocardiogram) test, lung X-ray, and urine test. Moreover, there were bone mineral density tests and eyeglass service. The HR team also supervised proper queuing under the COVID-19 measures throughout four days from 10-13 January 2022 at Jupiter Room 11-13.

We hope that everyone is healthy and passes the check-up standard. Please take care of yourself to keep creating good work and good services for the customers.

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